Lead me to the Rock | Psalm 61 | Rudy Dolloso Jr.

Date: September 20, 2020

Scripture: Psalm 61

Speaker: Pastor Rudy Dolloso Jr


  1. Let the LORD provide for you (61:1-2)

a) God will hear when you call (61:1)

b) God will lead you when you call (61:2)

  1. Let the LORD protect you (61:3-4)

a) He is your Refuge (61:3)

b) He is your Strong Tower (61:3)

c) He is your Dwelling Place (61:4)

d) He is your Shelter (61:4)

  1. Let the LORD preserve you (61:5-8)

a) He will prosper His people (61:5)

b) Trust the promise of God (61:6-7)

c) Honor the LORD with your praise (61:8)

Current Series: A Journey Through Psalms

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